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About Breathwork

Breathwork is an active meditation that uses the breath to move energy and connect to the self. Breathwork can release stuck emotions/energy and access your own healing potential. 

When we focus on the breath and breathe intentionally, we activate the parasympathetic nervous system, which allows the self to rest and connect to safety. By activating our parasympathetic nervous system, we reduce our blood pressure, heart rate, and other responses to chronic stress.    

In addition to supporting the nervous system's response to stress and trauma, breathwork supports emotional health and regulation, creativity, a deeper connection to the body and self, altered consciousness, and improved sleep.  

Breathwork is typically done laying down (or reclined) with breathing through the mouth. Two inhales and one exhale through the mouth continuously done to a playlist created by the facilitator. Although the breath is done the same each time, each and every breathwork experience will differ for the person and between individuals.

Breathwork Offerings

One on One

These sessions are offered virtually. Individual sessions are curated specifically to your needs and goals. 

These offerings are currently virtual. Groups will have less space for sharing or personal attention so this is a good option if you are looking to be in community and breathe. 


These sessions are offered virtually, at conferences and retreats, or as support to your organization and community. 

Watch this video for an introduction into breathwork and a 6-minute practice.

Click below to download some breathwork FYIs.

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