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About Me

I am a trauma-informed, HAES-aligned, sex and kink positive, LGBTQIA+ affirming, queer and curious practitioner that offers individual therapy, groups, and breathwork through a social justice, strengths-based lens. 


About My Practice


To create a space with individuals to accept and embrace themselves fully. I want individuals to know that they are welcome here and deserve to take up space. 


Liberation. I envision a world where mental, emotional, physical, and spiritual care is ingrained into community structures and systems. I envision a world where individuals can take up space without harm and hold space for others; a world where if harm occurs there is space and an expectation of repair. 


I believe there is a deep connection between self and community in trauma and healing. While my mission is for individuals to take up space and embrace their full selves, it is incredibly harmful to dismiss and neglect the impact of the systems within we survive. In my practice, I seek out education and opportunities that support my goals to provide trauma-informed, anti-oppressive services. 

My Story 

I'm Alex (she/her) and I'm a psychotherapist and breathwork facilitator. I was born and raised on the stolen lands of the Lenape (New Jersey). I've lived in Miami, FL, Baltimore, MD, Washington DC, and the Limpopo Province of South Africa. 

As a child, letting myself feel and express my emotions was challenging to me. I felt so deeply that I learned and developed a multitude of ways to prevent overwhelm from connecting to my feelings. 

Trauma reinforced my ability to disconnect from my self. As I noticed my trauma impacting my relationships with others and self, I sought out therapy to be "fixed." I wanted all the "bad" parts of myself to go away - especially any emotion that wasn't positive. I hid a lot of my shame and parts of myself from my first therapist in undergrad; and yet still benefited from therapy giving me tools to survive better. I recognize now that I was not at that point in my healing where I could be honest with my therapist and share about what I was really experiencing. 

As the years passed, I continued to find ways to survive and "fix" myself while experiencing compounding trauma. When I entered therapy in graduate school, that's when things began to shift. With slow and intentional work, I slowly trusted my therapist with what was behind my walls and began to connect to my self. 

Since then, I've been exploring various ways to access healing for myself. Currently, group therapy and breathwork are the main ways I support myself in healing from trauma; which is why I have been inspired to offer these modalities to others. I want to share what has been so important in my own healing journey with others.  

What I hope to communicate to whoever is reading my story, is that wherever you are in your healing journey, that is okay. It's okay if your therapy or healing process looks and feels different than someone else. Your healing process should meet you where you are - not where you should be. 

As a therapist and breathwork facilitator, I hope to hold the compassionate and brave space that's been held for me. Together, we can explore and tenderly hold all the parts that have helped you to survive to this point; and we can connect with the parts that have been lost and the parts that support you in living fully. 

Fun Facts About Me

Astrology Signs

Cancer Sun

Cancer Moon

Cancer Rising

Favorite Past Times

Being with Friends & Family 



Paddle Boarding 

Watching Reality TV


Favorite Places I've Traveled To

Cape Town, South Africa

Tofo, Mozambique

Sorrento, Italy 

Okavango Delta, Botswana

Budapest, Hungary

Yosemite NP, CA

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