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Breathwork Informed Consent 

1 / If you have any of the following contraindications, please alert me and check in with your health care provider to get the go ahead to engage with breathwork.

Pregnancy / High Blood Pressure / Cardiovascular Disease / Epilepsy / Retinal Detachment / Glaucoma / Family history of aneurysm / Strokes / Neurological conditions / Severe osteoporosis / Schizophrenia / Psychosis or history of psychosis / History of panic attacks / Recent injury or surgery 

2 / Breathwork is not psychotherapy.

In signing up for a breathwork session, you are agreeing that this session is not a replacement for mental health care, psychotherapy, counseling, or psychiatric services. Although Alex is a licensed mental health professional, she is not providing mental health services and is not held liable for such services. If mental health services are needed, Alex will provide resources to support your needs. If you are seeking mental health services with Alex, please reach out via e-mail to set up a consultation. 

3 / Tips for the Breathwork Session 

Find yourself a quiet space where you can relax during our time together. Set up your space in a way that helps you feel safe and at ease. Wear comfy clothes as you will be invited to lie flat on your back down during the breathwork portion. Breathwork is best done laying down and you do not need to force yourself if that doesn't feel right. Lying on your bed, a couch, or a yoga mat on the floor all work well. Ideally you'd have no pillow under your head, but do whatever you need for your body to feel at ease. Have a blanket nearby as you might get cold during the session. If you have any pain issues please find a position that will serve you best and is fully supported (in a recliner chair, resting against the wall, etc).

Download Zoom on your phone or computer ahead of time if you don't have it already. It's free and fairly easy to use.

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