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Equitable Pricing Distribution

As of November 2022, this is the current distribution of my wonderful, recurring 1:1 clients that are currently my main source of income. It is my intention in sharing the distribution of the equitable pricing to give a more transparent picture of the impact of this system. 

Depending on your own intersection of privilege, oppression, and value of the mental health field, your reaction to this distribution may be uncomfortable; you may notice feelings of guilt, anger, appreciation, or possibly no reaction. All are welcome and I invite you to be curious about these emotions.


I show this distribution to be transparent with my own personal and professional needs when new clients reach out and when I have my 6-month equitable pricing check-ins with current clients. Through this ongoing conversation with myself and my community, these percentages will shift to better support each other. 

Starting in November 2022, I have raised my rates to $190 due to the increase in cost of living and business expenses. Market range is now within a range of $180 to $190 to provide a more transparent picture. 


Above Market Rate: $195+


Tier 1 Reduced Rate: $140-$175


At this time, I do not have capacity to offer spots under $100. 


Market Rate: $180-$190


Tier 2 Reduced Rate: $100-135

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